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before & afters



Chest 08/15 – 38.5″ > Chest 10/13 – 37″

Waist 08/15 – 35″ > Waist 10/13 – 32.5″

Hips 08/15 – 43″ > Hips 10/13 – 40.75″

In just 2 short months, Andree lost over 6 inches and 12 pounds, and gained significant strength and muscle tone. She dropped 3 pants sizes and noticed her clothes fitting more comfortably, and was even able to fit into her pre-baby work uniforms from 2017! She also improved her cardio capacity and endurance, lowering her resting heart rate from 108 to 96 bpm.


Starting weight 01/26

175lb / BMI 29.12

Weight at 7-week program-end:

153lb / BMI 25.46

Overall, the 7 weeks I met with Kailey were great – she knew what she was doing. I definitely saw results within the 3 to 4 weeks which got me so excited. I saw an extreme Jean size change within 6 weeks!!! She makes sure she analyzes you before anything so she knows what works for you best!! Overall I have to say this was a great experience I definitely give her a 100% and will be scheduling more sessions soon 😊 – Jessica



Chest 03/03 – 45.5″ > Chest 04/07 – 42.75″

Waist 03/03 – 39″ > Waist 04/07 – 37.25″

Hips 03/03 – 46″ > Hips 04/07 – 44.5″

I started my weight loss journey and felt I needed a trainer because I wanted that extra boost and motivation. I did some research and found Kailey on FYT. I am so happy that our paths crossed. Kailey was very compassionate from the start. She strives to get to know you in order to assess what you can or cannot do. She understands that not everyone is built the same and she customizes work outs based on your abilities and goals. Since starting training with Kailey, I’ve lost about 15 pounds and 7.5 inches in 5 weeks. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Along with my weightloss, I feel stronger and more confident. Thanks so much, Kailey! – Lilliana



Chest 03/28 – 43″ > Chest 08/24 – 41″

Waist 03/28 – 40″ > Waist 08/24 – 38.75″

Hips 03/28 – 41.5″ > Hips 08/24 – 48.5″

In Sandra’s 5-month program, she lost nearly 4 inches in her chest and waist areas, and grew her booty by focusing on glute-targeting strength training to add muscle. She also significantly improved her cardio endurance and lung capacity, dropping her resting heart rate from 98 to 83 bpm. She worked hard to improve her running and now no longer suffers from shin splits. Lastly, Sandra has enjoyed a higher energy level and noticed her closes fitting looser.



Chest 03/28 – 43″ > Chest 08/24 – 40″

Waist 03/28 – 38.5″ > Waist 08/24 – 38″

Hips 03/28 – 41.5″ > Hips 08/24 – 44.5″

After every workout session, I could feel myself getting stronger and in just a few short weeks I started seeing results. I noticed my clothing started to feel looser, I had more energy throughout my busy days which encouraged me to continue the classes. Her full-body workout sessions were fun and engaging which ultimately helped me achieve my goals. – Josie


Starting Weight 140lb

Weight after 8-week program: 136.5lb

Jessica lost 4 inches in chest, waist, hips, and thighs, and gained ~1/2 inch of muscle in each bicep

Working with Kailey has been a wonderful experience and totally worth the investment for my health & fitness goals. She took time to assess my strengths and weaknesses and challenged me from there. I quickly began to regain my strength and found enthusiasm for taking care of myself. She answered every question I had and continued to ask about and assess my goals during our time together. Kailey encouraged me when I was feeling frustrated, and has been such a joy to be around. She created a space for me to enjoy working out and for that I’m thankful for her! – Jessica

Training with Kailey was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I was injured at work and have been dealing with constant pain in my lower back and hip after surgery since 2017. I was hesitant to start going to the gym for fear it could cause more pain or further injury. I’m so glad that I decided to do something different to improve my overall health and strength. Kailey is such a genuinely sweet, caring person and the best trainer I could ever ask for. I trained with her for over 2 months and have seen significant improvements! She is very motivating, uplifting and was my biggest cheerleader even on days where I felt like I couldn’t get through my workouts. She listened to my needs and built a program tailored completely to all of my concerns. She also helped with meal prep recipes and a grocery tour to help me choose foods that would fuel my body with the proper nutrients. Who knew eating healthy taste so good! I looked forward to all of my workouts and also all of our mini therapy sessions lol! I am down 15lbs and 3 waist sizes and can fit in my uniforms that I haven’t been able to fit in since 2017. After 7 years of pain and the most stressful years of my life, I am looking forward to heading back to a career I love and missed so much and I’m excited for all that’s in store. This season was called, “ME.” Thank you so much Kailey for an amazing experience and for being apart of this season that I desperately needed. I look forward to working with you again in the very near future, we still have work to do!

– andree b from Yelp 10/15/2022

Kailey is a trainer that has a strong educational background in fitness. Her training sessions showed her robust knowledge of the human body and her devotion to the fitness industry. She is a passionate trainer that listens to you and your needs. She creates a workout program to help you achieve your goals. I can say that she is adaptable, patient, and easygoing. I knew after the first session I would have no hesitation to continue my workouts with her. Kailey keeps the workouts challenging yet safe for you to accomplish. She is attentive during every exercise to ultimately help prevent and protect you from any injury which I truly appreciated. I have enjoyed training with Kailey, not only did I gain knowledge on how to properly train but I also learn about effective workouts that help target my areas of need. After every workout session, I could feel myself getting stronger and in just a few short weeks I started seeing results. I noticed my clothing started to feel looser, I had more energy throughout my busy days which encouraged me to continue the classes. Her full-body workout sessions were fun and engaging which ultimately helped me achieve my goals. If you are looking for a trainer that is going to listen to you and build workouts around your needs Kailey is the right trainer for you. I would highly recommend Kailey as a personal trainer without a doubt. Love her!

– josie d from Yelp 09/23/2022

Training with Kailey for these past few months has been such a rewarding experience to my health, strength, balance and appearance. I no longer suffer from lower back pain. I have so much more endurance when doing physical activity. I am lifting more and more. I find that I am able to catch myself if I’m about to fall. I also got complimented on my triceps recently! She pushes me to become better without going overboard. She listens to my fitness goals and helps me with what I want! She is so much fun to talk to as well. I look forward to these sessions every week because it’s like hanging out with a friend who’s bringing out the best in me!

– eve v from Yelp 09/01/2022

kailey is such a sweet and awesome trainer! she is very patient and gives multiple alternatives to each workout, making sure you are comfortable the entire time! she puts so much effort into her business and is truly a great teacher!

– tully t from Yelp 11/28/2021

It looked easy but man! Kailey kept us moving though, right through the workout. By the end of it I felt energy, I felt alive! Definitely recommend

– edwin p from Yelp 01/16/2022

Kailey is such a great trainer she’s always saying positive things to keep you motivated. She’s great at what she does I was feeling sore with the first session we had. Over all I think I made the right decision by choosing her to help me with this journey

– jessica v from Yelp 02/03/2022

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