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Changing the Way You Goal-Set through SMART Goals

Have you ever been really excited about a goal or the idea of achieving something, but then eventually the excitement wears off or life gets chaotic and you have to push that dream to the back-burner? Or maybe you’re tired of feeling like you have the same New Year’s Resolutions year after year, but never…

9 Exercise Myths Debunked by a Certified Personal Trainer

Chances are you’ve heard these myths everywhere from the office to the gym to last Thanksgiving at your grandma’s. Some of these age-old sayings are so prevalent that we have come to accept them as truth – but which ones (if any) really deserve our attention? 1. THE MYTH: You need to stretch before a…

6 Tips to Handle Burnout

We’ve all been there – feeling exhausted, unmotivated, trapped, and ready to give up. Struggling with burnout is no joke! BUT, we don’t have to stay there. When you start feeling the signs of burnout creeping in, the best thing you can do to combat it is to face it head on. Below are our…