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#tfcNewYearChallenge equipment bundle

ready to crush the New Year?! if you haven’t yet, join our #tfcNewYearChallenge for free and start crushing your goals in 2022! here are the main equipment items we use for our challenge workouts:

booty bands

I love adding these elastic bands around my thighs, calves, or ankles for some added resistance on tons of leg and booty exercises!

hip bands

like booty bands, but with a thicker band and thicker material. These are great for targeting the hip and glute muscles and are for use primarily on the mid-upper thighs!

ankle weights

these are so awesome to add to virtually any workout to take it up a notch – they may not weigh much but holy guacamoleeeee, do they really ramp up the burn quick!!

dumbbells – full rack

this is the dumbbell set & storage rack I use for my at-home workouts. I love the A-frame shape, which is a huge space saver that makes it easier to store!

resistance bands

these are a great option if you are looking for a more cost-effective space-saver to add some weight to your workouts! they also come with a convenient loop-anchor that can be closed in a doorframe to provide an angle for upper-body work too!

yoga mat

I love this yoga mat because it is a little cushier than the average yoga mat – plus it is easy to clean and comes with a carrier bag!

yoga paws

are you slipping & sliding out of downward dog? same. these yoga “paws” and “pads” have been an absolute game-changer when the sweat gets too real for my mat!

indoor stationary cycle (under $300)

I scoured the internet for a good stationary bike that wouldn’t break the bank, and definitely found it with this one! it’s been solid and reliable to me (although I have not been gentle to it!), and I especially appreciate the compact design and ability to wheel it from room-to-room with the wheels on the front stand.

smart scale

I love my smart scale! it connects via bluetooth to an app on your phone where you can create a profile for yourself and other members of your fam/household to track long-term progress and trends. this one will also provide your BMI calculation, which can be a bit more objective than a standard weight measurement 🙂

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