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how to stop getting shin splints from running

So you’ve decided to get back into exercising and set out on a run. Halfway in, you are met with an excruciating pain in your lower legs that lingers for days.

You might have shin splints.

What are shin splints?

Shin splints are a sharp, painful sensation in your lower leg that is usually brought on by a sudden onset or increase in physical activity (typically walking/jogging/running).

So how do I stop it?
  1. Pick a good running shoe!
    • A good running shoe will be supportive, provide the right amount of arch support for your foot, and have plenty of cushion for shock absorption
    • A good running shoe should have a perfect fit for your foot’s length, width, and arches and provide stability for your foot and ankle
    • I love Brook’s running shoes!
  2. Strengthen your legs – especially your calves
    • Having strong muscles in your legs – particularly your calves – helps reduce the shock of impact on your bones
    • Doing calf raises is a great way to strengthen your calves!
  3. Cool down and stretch post-workout
    • Spend time stretching, gently massaging, or foam rolling tense muscles or pain points
    • If you are having a rough time with stretching, remember to take it slow – I love to use stretching straps to help me get further into the tough stretches
    • This is the foam roller that I like to use to relax and massage sore muscles – especially in my calves and glutes!
  4. Work with a trainer to assess and perfect your running form

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