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3 Tips to Get You Back on Track

been slacking on your fitness routine lately? no worries, we got you!! 💪🏼 
we all fall off the wagon, so first off - don’t beat yourself up!! fitness is about making healthful lifestyle choices, which means honoring yourself with balance, rest, and times of celebration! ✨ 
3 simple ways to get yourself back on track: 
1️⃣ write out a meal plan! 
you’re less likely to opt for junky snacks or fast food meals when you have a plan written down & in place. Plus, planning your meals saves you time and money in the grocery store! 
check out our website for more on meal planning, or contact us for options on purchasing ready to cook meal plans! 
2️⃣ schedule time for your workouts and have a plan in place! 
be intentional about the time you set aside for yourself to do your workout - write it on your calendar and make sure to not double book yourself or overcommit! 
it also helps set you up for successful workouts if you know what your workout plan is beforehand. Having a program to follow keeps you on track and ensures all muscles are targeted, cardio needs are met, and the body has plenty of recovery time between workouts! 
if you’re looking for a great workout program to follow, visit our website for program design options! 
3️⃣ have a workout buddy or group for accountability and encouragement! 
working out with a friend is part of what makes fitness fun! If you’re not able to make it to in-person workouts with your buddy, you can always follow along the same program together and encourage each other over text!
we also LOVE a good group class moment 🤍 working out with friends at a group class has the BEST energy! be sure to check out all our monthly group class options on our website 💁🏻‍♀️ 
if you’re looking for an accountability group, we’d love to have you as part of our community of amazing fitness friends! drop a 💪🏼 in the comments or reach out to us on our website 🤍
we hope this helped to inspire you to get back to your regularly scheduled sweat sesh! 🤓 
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